Hey everyone!  Unfortunately, our Kickstarter did not reach our goal and no money will be collected from backers.  Thank you all so much for pledging, sharing, and supporting us throughout our campaign!

We are going to push forward with development and hope to still include every feature we listed in the Kickstarter.  However, I will be funding the project from my personal savings, which will slow development down as I will be relying on part time jobs and contracts to cover development budget as well as my cost of living.

If you would still like to support us, please consider donating to the development fund through PayPal Everything helps!

It was clear to us early in the campaign that we would not reach our funding goal.  Our existing community and social circles were far more generous than we anticipated – but we also grossly overestimated how many people would discover the game through Kickstarter.  This is a lesson we’ve learned and will inform future campaigns.

When the Kickstarter’s fate became clear, we shifted back into prioritizing development.  During the campaign we released several big features including:

  • Three new classes (Pawadin, Necropouncer, Voidstalker)
  • PC Support through Steam
  • Gamepad support
  • Capture the Spoon, our twist on Capture The Flag, is currently in development and we anticipate releasing it one week from today.

Our goal is to complete the remaining major features by the end of 2023.  This includes three game modes (Capture The Spoon, King of the Hill, and Mouse Hunt) and three more maps.

We are considering a PC-only early access period while we finish refining mechanics.  We plan to launch into early access in Q1 2024.

Thank you all for being a part of this.  We’re sad it didn’t go as we hoped, but we’re confident we will still find a way to deliver the game we want to build.  We will continue to share updates through Kickstarter occasionally, but we’d also encourage you to join our Discord community and follow us on social media.  All of our social media links can be found on our linktree.

Our next playtest is tonight at 9PM EST.  We’ll be streaming on our Twitch channel.  Hope to see you there!

Monty (left) snuggling with Macedonia (right), basking in the sun together!

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