Today marks the biggest update in Wizard Cats Tank Battle since it entered alpha this past summer.  Seven super-powered “Ultimate” spells have been added to the game, transforming each of the seven classes and adding new gameplay mechanics!

Ultimates do a combination of damage, healing, buffs, and debuffs.  Some are applied instantly, some create fields that last for several seconds.  Buffs and healing applied to allies is also applied to the caster, meaning that the Hydro-Dancer and Pawadin are now capable of self-healing!

Learn more about these game-changing spells below!

Pyro-Prancer – Ring Of Fire

Launch a fiery nova, damaging enemies on hit and lighting them on fire!  Any allies hit in the nova will gain “Ignition,” allowing them to cast more quickly for a short time!

Hydro-Dancer – Fountain Of Life

Instantly heal allies in a large radius.  Creates a healing aura that follows the player for several seconds, continuing to slowly heal allies in range.

Furricane – Tempest

Summon a storm, which gives Zoomies to nearby allies and places a field that increases the speed of allied projectiles that move through it.

Purrthquake – Shatter Earth

Crack the earth beneath your feet!  Damages and stuns enemies in a large radius, preventing them from moving or casting for 2 seconds.

Pawadin – Sacred Ground

Heals nearby allies and places a field that extends buff lengths for allies that stand in it

Necropouncer – Infestation

Damage nearby enemies and place an Infestation field.  Enemies that move through it will gain Leeching.

Voidstalker – Voidgate

Summon the void by placing a field that destroys all enemy projectiles that pass through it.

Enemies who stand in the Voidgate cannot be buffed and allies that stand in it cannot be cursed.

We hope you enjoy this update! These ultimates will be refined by player feedback in the coming weeks. Additionally, this update has brought new visual effects, better menus, hotkeys on PC, balance changes, optimizations, and bug fixes.

Want to try the Ultimates yourself? Sign up for our alpha by clicking here. We run weekly playtests on Wednesdays at 9PM EST!

Hope you enjoy the update! More exciting announcements are coming soon!

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