Hello everyone! I just got home from the Dragonsteel convention in Salt Lake City, where I ran a booth for Wizard Cats Tank Battle.  As a hard-core fan of Brandon Sanderson’s Cosmere it was wonderful to share this game with his other fans!

I was thrilled by the reception of the game throughout the two day convention.  The last time we showed the game was at TooManyGames back in June.  The game has changed drastically since then – with overhauls in sound design by June, 3D models by Riley, and many new features including three new classes, Capture The Spoon, and the Scratchy Castle map.

Bret at the Wizard Cats Tank Battle booth at Dragonsteel 2023

It is clear to me how far this game has come in just 5 months.  To everyone who has playtested the game, provided feedback, hung out in Discord, told your friends about the game, or followed us on social media – thank you so much for helping us get to where we are now!

We have some exciting plans for the coming months.  I left Dragonsteel with a long list of quality of life suggestions and bug reports, and will likely spend the next few weeks focusing on these.  Then, I will return to developing class Ultimates.  Expect some blog posts about Ultimates in the coming weeks!

Additionally, Riley has been hard at work creating 3D models to overhaul the graphics of Battle Cove.  These new models, textures, and shaders are a substantial improvement over what exists in the game currently and we are very excited to share them with you!

We don’t currently have any other conventions planned, but we’re keeping our eyes open!  If you know of an event that you think would be a good fit for Wizard Cats Tank Battle, please let us know!

For those of you in the United States, hope you had a great Thanksgiving holiday!

Macedonia (bottom) and Paintbrush (top) after breaking through the screen door into the kitchen

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