For the past month we’ve been working on two bigger changes to Wizard Cats Tank Battle that will be released in the coming weeks.

Each of the 7 classes will be gaining a new powerful “Ultimate” spell, introducing new game mechanics and shifting the balance significantly.

Additionally, we are currently working on a huge graphics overhaul. Battle Cove will be receiving a total makeover early next year to show off our new graphics!


The gameplay in Wizard Cats Tank Battle is currently very simple: cast a single spell, which buffs allies and damages and debuffs enemies. This makes the game very approachable for all audiences, but also doesn’t give the player too much control over combat.

Enter Ultimates. These super-powered spells charge slowly as you damage enemies and buff allies. They can only be cast when they are fully charged, adding new depth and strategy to combat. Ultimates can cause devastating damage to enemies, rally allies with heals and buffs, or some mix of both!

These new spells will also introduce fields to the game! Fields are a new mechanic that applies buffs, debuffs, damage, or heals, to players who stand in them. They may be stationary on the ground or follow the caster around.

We are currently wrapping up the visuals for these Ultimates. Expect a preview of them soon!

Graphics Updates

This past summer Riley McGowan joined the Wizard Cats Tank Battle team! He has since added many new wands, tanks, and hats to the game. Now, he is hard at work transforming the visuals of the game maps.

We wanted to spice up the theming of our maps. So, we are excited to announce that Battle Cove is becoming Pirate Cove! It will feature completely new artwork and changes to the map based on player feedback.

We plan to Twitch-stream the transformation of Battle Cove into Pirate Cove! We hope you will join us to watch it happen in realtime.

Next month we’ll share more previews of what this graphics update will look like – but here’s a teaser to hold you over!

Closing Thoughts

This month has been fairly quiet in terms of updates, but we’ve been working on some big changes we are excited to share with you in the coming weeks!

Wishing everyone a great holiday season! And if you have any Wizard Cats at home, we hope you spoil them a little extra this month!

If you haven’t already, please consider donating to our development fund by clicking here. You can also keep in touch by joining our Discord or Mailing List!

Here is a cat photo to close off the year. Thank you for being part of our community!

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